Thursday, November 21, 2013

Library Director - Uxbridge Free Public Library (MA)

Library Director - Uxbridge Free Public Library (MA). Qualifications: Masters Degree in Library Science or Master of Science in Library and Information Science from an ALA accredited school with Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners certification and five years of progressively responsible library experience preferred. Demonstrates ability to work with initiative. Demonstrates ability to work as part of the total library team. Demonstrates leadership abilities. Demonstrates excellent verbal and written communication skills. Demonstrates knowledge of collection development and maintenance, library practices, procedures and technology. Demonstrates an ability to organize, maintain, and administer a complex operating budget for a library system. Demonstrates effective working relationships with Trustees, staff, patrons, officials of other local departments and the general public. Demonstrates excellent organizational skills. Demonstrates ability to develop short- and long-term development plans and objectives. Demonstrates ability to evaluate and act on unique situations. Demonstrates proficiency in the procedures and practices of professional library administration and the organization and management of its operations. Demonstrates knowledge of automated information data and retrieval systems: WORD, EXCEL, LAN, HTML, Internet and PowerPoint. Responsible to: The Library Board of Trustees. Reports to: The President of the Library Board of Trustees. Responsibilities: Planning and Policy-making. Collaborates with the Board to Develop goals and objectives for long and short-range plans for the library. Collaborates with the Board to develop library policies, programs, and procedures. Establishes goals and objectives for the staff to accomplish long-range plans. Conducts, directs and evaluates studies relating to library service responsiveness and efficiency, cost effectiveness and systems analysis. Initiates and develops programs in anticipation and /or in response to community needs. Maintains excellent organizational skills. Maintains accurate and up-to-date library policy manual. Plans, directs, and supervises development and preservation of the town library local history archives collection; including inventory, appraisals and insurance, in cooperation with the local historical society and Historical Commission. Fiscal management. Develops, prepares, and recommends to the Board, Town Boards, and Town Meeting and administers, the annual operating budget, and capital outlay programs based on the established goals and related performance data. Develops and justifies the library budget, including payroll, monthly bills, statistics and revolving accounts. Prepares all financial documents within the timeline and procedures established by the town Accountant. Selects quality and cost-effective vendors, contractors and others to provides services and products. Pursues grant funding from all sources to promote, enhance or create new library services, programs and collections. Administers grants and foundation funds according to specified guidelines and files all indicated reports within specified time-fames. Property Management: Manages the physical plant, as well as the preventative maintenance program, to ensure proper maintenance and utilization of the library. Supervises all maintenance and repair personnel and maintains accurate maintenance records. Analyzes and identifies building and grounds needs and recommends improvements, repairs and additions as necessary to the Board of Trustees. Ensures clean, clear, safe and welcoming environment for staff and public in the building and on the grounds. Responds to building emergencies and takes appropriate action. Maintains a Disaster and Evacuation Plan. Personnel Management: Provides leadership in establishing effective working relationships and communication, ensuring high productivity, and encouraging initiative and creativity. Manages the staff and coordinates staff functions in accordance with established goals and philosophy of the library mission. Maintains an overview of library activities and assigns staff according to the needs of the library and the abilities of the staff. Encourages professional development among staff members. Directly recruits, selects, promotes and/or terminates, supervises and annually evaluates all union personnel. These evaluations shall be submitted to the Town Clerk in a timely manner. Conducts staff meetings and ensures staff knowledge of library policies and procedures. Develops and coordinates volunteer services. May serve as reference librarian and fill in at circulation desk as necessary. Library Service and Operations: Responsible for and supervises the selection, acquisition and culling of library materials. Accepts and acknowledges all gifts. Reports this information to the Board at its next meeting. Supervises the utilization and maintenance of technology to deliver, monitor and enhance library service. Evaluates, introduces and maintains new technology as appropriate. Arranges for or conducts library staff training. Strives to encourage gift giving to the library. Coordinates and analyzes the library operations and functions to ensure accuracy, efficiency and quality. Maintains the Library website. Analyzes library operations, summarizes service developments and progress in achieving core objectives to provide the Board with the information necessary for sound decision making and fiscal responsibility. Reports on current library trends as they may relate to local library services and operations. Maintains/expands current Adult programming (speakers, authors etc.), as community interest dictates Communication: Attends and participates in all Board meetings and advises Trustees of programs, services, facility, planning, personnel and policy matters requiring consideration/action, as well as any changes in library services, programs, and collection. Presents a written Director’s Reports at all meetings identifying the progress and status of ongoing library programs and other matters requiring the Board’s attention. Submits a Director's report to the Town Manager and attends Department Head meetings. Attends both Spring and Fall Annual Town Meetings to address library related issues if needed. Files required documents to State agencies (ARIS Report) on time. Promotes library through regular press releases, and positive local reports. Acts as a liaison between library staff and the Board. Manages the internal and external communications and public relations of the library unless otherwise arranged. Establishes and conducts comprehensive public relations programs which promote the library and its services. Expands community outreach through a variety of means including but not limited to: library-school partnerships, addressing community groups, and identifying ways to serve patrons outside of the library building. Continuing Education: Keeps informed of current developments in the library field. Salary range: $46-52,000 annually. Deadline: December 2, 2013. Submit resume to