Monday, August 05, 2013

Interim Executive Director - Memorial and Library Association of Westerly, RI

Interim Executive Director - Memorial and Library Association of Westerly, RI. The Memorial and Library Association is a private non-profit corporation consisting of Westerly Public Library and Wilcox Park (approximately 18 acres) with 30 full and part-time employees. Responsibilities: 1. Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates all operations and activities of the Memorial and Library Association of Westerly, a. Oversees the implementation of the Association’s Long Range Plan, b. Supervises professional library staff and oversees staff development programs, c. Oversees the development of educational and cultural library programming, d. Problem solves and obtains appropriate resources during unexpected operational situations. 2. Protects and preserves the assets of the Association: a. Coordinates the finances and day to day operations of the Association, b. Oversees the maintenance of the Library facility, c. Oversees the maintenance of the Wilcox Park, d. Complies with all federal and State safety laws and regulations. 3. Represents the interest of the Association in all public and private forums: a. Continues relationships with other community and library associations and represents the Association by attending local and State appropriate meetings. 4. Reports to the Board of Trustees and, through the President of the Board, makes recommendations to the Board. Essential Abilities and Qualifications: 1. MLS from an accredited institution preferred. 2. Experience leading a multi-service organization and ability to work with Trustees, staff and the public. 3. Awareness of and ability to master a working knowledge of the practices and principles of library administration. Timing: September through December 2013 (with flexibility). Salary: Independent contractor status paid hourly for approximately 20 hours weekly over five days. Application Deadline: August 16, 2013. How to apply: Send resume and two references via email to: Kirsten Anderson,