Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Library Media Specialist - Hawley Elementary School, Newtown

Library Media Specialist - Hawley Elementary School, Newtown. Starting Date: August 2014. Remuneration: See current teacher salary agreement and the Superintendent of Schools. Responsibilities: To perform those duties and responsibilities as described in the district’s Teacher Job Description; to provide a planned sequence of library media instruction for all students; instruct students and staff in the use of audiovisual equipment and computer technology; provide reference service for administration, staff and students; select, classify, and process print and non-print materials for circulation; motivate readers, enhance 21st Century skills, and support building literacy initiatives; provide guidance in the selection of appropriate reading material for curricular requirements and recreational reading; and recruit, schedule, and train parent library volunteers. Qualifications: Connecticut Certification. (Those currently working in a program toward LMS certification may also apply.) Strong background in early elementary education and early literacy development. Reading credentials preferred. Reflective learner who has high expectations for his/her performance and that of students. Commitment to contributing to a community of learners. Ability to work and actively involve parents in the educational process. Strong technology background. If interested, please apply on line at: