Friday, June 20, 2014

Lead Mentor, YOUmedia - Hartford Public Library

Lead Mentor, YOUmedia - Hartford Public Library. Department: Youth & Family Services (YOUmedia). Reports to: YOUmedia Manager. Summary of Responsibility: The Lead Mentor will be part of the team at YOUmedia Hartford, a new digital learning center for teens. The Lead Mentor is an instructor, artist, and technologist who guides youth as they explore digital media and library resources. The Lead Mentor is an integral part of the program, responsible for creating and maintaining teen project groups and mentoring relationships. The Lead Mentor will help oversee the implementation and use of various technologies, create and lead workshops and project groups, and serve as a mentor and role model to teens. Essential Functions: Plan, design, write, schedule and lead workshops and project groups in the arts and/or digital media using music production, video production, graphic arts, photography, fashion design, game design, and Makerspace activities. Manage teen mentoring relationships with staff, visiting artists, and mentors. Implement educational directives of connected learning and traditional teen programming. Coordinate teen roles as producers, artists, managers, and designers of digital media. Instruct students in the use of online resources to track their project work. Organize and critique student work. Arrange showcases of student work online and in the YOUmedia center. Help maintain and grow social network initiatives for the YOUmedia program. Develop YOUmedia program schedules and manage class offerings, including a database of programs. Help maintain and trouble-shoot digital technologies in the YOUmedia center. Help coordinate school partnerships and pilot programs to advance the YOUmedia model. Visit area high schools to promote services and programs. Visit library branches to promote services and programs. Help implement and evaluate program partnerships with educational, cultural, and civic organizations to develop collaborative projects for teen patrons. Keep informed of emerging technologies, current trends, improved programs and processes to better meet the needs of the community. Assist in evaluation and purchase of new technologies and program supplies. Maintain records and prepare statistical reports as requested monthly and annually. Positively reflect Hartford Public Library’s mission, vision, and values to staff and the public. Other Functions: Attends professional meetings, maintains active membership in state, regional, and national library associations; participates in activities of professional organizations;
Performs related duties as required. Qualifications and Competencies: Bachelor’s Degree in Instructional Technology, Graphic Design, Music Production, or a related discipline is preferred. At least 2 years of experience teaching digital media, or 2 years of professional career experience in related technological field is required. Proficiency in technologies such as music production, video production, graphic design, photography, game design, fashion design, Makerspace activities, and/or social media is required (proficiencies in more than one discipline preferred).
Digital media portfolio of work is required. Experience in fine arts in such areas as spoken word, rap, musical composition, painting, sculpture, collage, animation, cinema, theater, creative writing, and/or other areas preferred. Previous Library experience highly desirable. Previous experience in a service organization preferred. Experience designing, planning, publicizing, and conducting a program schedule for Teen Services. Solid knowledge of trends in print and digital library resources for teen patrons. Experience using social media technology (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is required. Solid working experience in designing course curriculum within a technology setting is preferred. Experience working with teens required. Demonstrate sensitivity and commitment to the needs of teens. Thorough knowledge of and background in various types of informational materials in a variety of formats including electronic. Strong commitment to working within a team environment is required. Solid working knowledge of all MS Office suite software is required. Ability to prioritize, complete multiple tasks, and meet program deadlines. Ability to provide welcoming and effective customer service. Application and instructions available at