Friday, April 10, 2015

Library Media Specialist - McGee Library Media Center, Berlin Public Schools

The library media specialist oversees the entire operation of the McGee Library Media Center and supervises the library paraprofessional.  The library media specialist serves in a variety of roles to include the following:  teacher, information specialist, and program administrator. As a teacher, the LMS works collaboratively with the faculty to plan, implement, and assess our 21st century standards-based curriculum. Keeps current on research and findings on teaching and learning and skilled in applying its findings to a variety of situations—particularly those that require students to access, evaluate, and use information from multiple sources to learn, think, create and apply new knowledge. Develops policies, practices, and curricula that guide students in developing the full range of information and communication abilities.  Works closely with teachers to design authentic learning tasks and assessments and integrates the information and communication abilities required to meet standards. Provides professional development for school and district staff.

As a program administrator, the LMS works collaboratively with district and school staff to define the policies of the LMC program and guides activities related to the program. Advocates for the library media program as part of the overall continuous improvement plan for the school and provides the knowledge, vision, and leadership to implement change. Manages budget, equipment, facilities, and resources. Continuously updates and weeds the library collection of materials that support teaching and learning.

As the information specialist, the LMS provides leadership and expertise in acquiring and evaluating information resources in all curricular areas. Masters the use of sophisticated electronic resources and assists the faculty and students with implementation.  Teach students and staff strategies for locating, accessing, and evaluating information within and beyond the LMC.

Proper CT teaching certification:  School Library Media Specialist (062) or Librarian (048). Extensive knowledge of literary and information literature for middle school students. In-depth understanding of the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the middle school student. Deep knowledge of educational technology and ability to integrate in all curricular areas.  Strong interpersonal skills. 

M.S. in Library Science and Certification as a Library Media Specialist. At least five years of experience as a School Library Media Specialist.

Beginning 2015-2016 school year; in accordance with negotiated agreement between the Berlin Board of Education and the Berlin Education Association, salary based on full-time rate of $45,338 BA, Step 2 - $92,455 Ph.D., Max.