Friday, May 23, 2014

Executive Director - Pequot Library, Southport

Executive Director - Pequot Library, Southport. Responsibilities: The Executive Director of the Pequot Library shall provide the vision, leadership and management of the Library and is responsible for the creation of the programming, operations, and fundraising that will sustain the Library’s growth, quality, and organizational mission. He/She will serve as the face of Library to internal and external constituencies, including the Library’s Board, staff, donors/members, Town elected officials, and the public-at-large. The Executive will oversee revenue generation and will supervise the Library’s operations. It is expected the Executive director will embrace and champion all aspects of the Library (lending library, cultural programs, children’s programs, Special Collections, and physical assets such as the building and property). The Executive Director is responsible for sound business planning and adherence to the financial planning process and the budget. I. Board Relations: The Executive shall work collaboratively with the Board of Directors to develop overall policy for the organization. The Executive will be the administrative agent of the Board and shall have sole charge of the administration of the Library, carrying out the policies, procedures and resolutions approved by the Board of Trustees. The Executive provides for the flow of information and support to the Board and communicates with the Board on the current status of internal and external issues affecting the Library. Importantly, the Executive works with the Nominating Committee of the Board to enhance the Board and attract and develop new Board members. Ultimately, the Executive ensures that all Board members are motivated, engaged and energized by their association with the Library. With the Board’s assistance, development of a strategic plan for the Library, incorporating the views and needs of the community and key stakeholders, ensuring that the Library is positioned to continue to thrive into the future. Help to manage the development of any plans for the potential renovation of the Library, and oversee the implementation of those plans. Serve as a member ex officio of all committees, and attend all Board meetings. Report to the membership of the Pequot Library Association at the Annual Meeting and to the Board of Trustees at its meetings. II. External Relations: The Executive has responsibility for all aspects of external relations. As the chief representative, spokesperson and ambassador of the Library, the Executive furthers the organization’s image and works to increase its visibility locally and throughout the region. The Executive interfaces with funders, civic leaders, other library and arts organizations, local and national media and the public-at-large. The Executive Director builds and sustains relationships, within the local and state-wide library and cultural arts community to reinforce the position of the Library as a pre-eminent library and cultural arts organization. III. Earned Revenue Generation: The Executive is responsible for maintaining and, if possible increasing earned income generation. Beyond further developing funds from attendance at fund-raising events, ticket sales to performances and corporate sponsorships, an important component of this role is to explore and develop new earned revenue streams. Areas for additional earned income exploration could include, but would not be limited to: expanded sponsorship opportunities; exploitation of the Library’s assets, such as its auditorium, conference spaces, front lawn, and cottage; for income-producing purposes; licensing of Library intellectual property and its brand. IV. Fundraising: The Executive is responsible for increasing philanthropic fund generation and support for the Library. As one of the Library’s chief fundraisers, the Executive cultivates and solicits major donors, including individuals, corporations and foundations. This effort is actively supported by the Board. Development of fund-raising campaigns to meet annual revenue targets, capital campaigns to meet larger, capital initiatives and longer-term development plans to provide for welfare of endowment. The Executive is expected to manage these campaigns and cultivate both large and small potential donors, solicit potential corporate donors and direct grant-writing initiatives. V. Marketing and Communications: Working with the communications staff, the Executive shall direct and expand the Library’s marketing, public relations and branding efforts in order to better define and reflect the brand’s core mission and attract the largest possible audiences. He/She ensures that the Library utilizes technology and social media and other new media to the fullest extent possible in marketing to audiences, communities, supporters and the general public. VI. General Management & Finance: The Executive sets the tone at the top of the organization and ensures, by effective leadership, that the day-to-day operations and budgets of the Library are professionally and efficiently administered. The Executive has oversight of all staff and is responsible for their recruitment, training, and development and for maintaining a collegial, team-oriented work environment. The Candidate - Basic Qualifications and Experience: Demonstrate an effective record of leadership in the development and organization of a not-for-profit organization. Experience managing annual fund-raising initiatives and in leading a capital campaign. Must be comfortable interacting with significant prospective donors and with gift solicitation. Team leadership, team building and talent development skills. Specific experience as a leader within a cultural/educational institution. Excellent communication, influence, and change management skills which are conveyed in an approachable and personable manner. Financial acumen. Can build and manage towards a balanced budget and longer-term financial plan. Experience with managing the development of a strategic plan. Preferred Qualifications - Most specifically, it is preferred that the candidate has many of the following: Masters in Library Science, PhD in Education or Fine Arts or MBA with educational/arts experience. At least 3-5 years leading educational/arts programs or institutions. Understands the Library’s “Vision” and “Mission” and can communicate that on a regular basis. Shows an ambition to improve the Library in every way and focus on enlarging its reach and positive impact to stakeholders and the community. Compensation: Pequot Library is prepared to offer a competitive compensation package. Pequot Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For more information on the Library, visit our website Application: Candidates may apply by sending a letter of interest addressed to the Head of the Search Committee and resume to