Friday, May 01, 2015

Digital Resources Librarian - Kent School

 Position available: August 2015

The Digital Resources Librarian position is a full-time, academic year (40-week) staff position reporting to the Director of the John Gray Park ‘28 Library.  Position requires an MLIS from an accredited program; experience working with young people is preferred.  Flexible schedule required. The ideal candidate will be comfortable with rapidly changing technologies and have experience providing library services to young people in an academic environment.

Responsibilities: Support students and faculty as they discover, evaluate and retrieve library resources, regardless of format. Participate in the effort to develop the most appropriate collection of resources and technology for students' academic needs and personal interests. Keep current on technology trends and strive to implement appropriate new technologies. Create and support the library's academic atmosphere. Teach sections of an introductory study skills and information literacy class to new students. Promote new electronic resources by sharing information with key faculty and by preparing instructional guides. Collaborate in maintaining and expanding the library's collection of LibGuides. Work with library staff and faculty to expand the role of LibGuides in the library instructional program. Actively participate in the library's instructional program. Prepare general orientation sessions; demonstrate online resources to classes as necessary. Work with students on an individual basis to teach them how to find and use appropriate materials on a variety of platforms. Participate in the formal weeding process to insure that the collection houses the best material available regardless of format. Actively participate in the discussions and planning sessions for the library program. Bring to library staff meetings issues of concern and ideas for improving the library program. Monitor and oversee the work of the library supporting staff during the evenings when serving as the librarian on duty. Work to see that the library study atmosphere is maintained through the firm, fair and friendly application of the library rules and procedures.

Interested candidates should e-mail a resume and cover letter to Amy Voorhees, Director, at