Thursday, June 07, 2012

Young Minds Librarian - New Haven Free Public Library

Young Minds Librarian - New Haven Free Public Library. Department: Public Services. Reports to: Manager of Young Minds. Purpose: The Young Minds Librarian will develop and coordinate programs and provide professional-level support to the Manager of Young Minds in a variety of key functional areas. Responsibilities may include evaluating programming performance, planning schedules and outreach, compiling reading lists, assists in study-oriented activities, develops children’s reading interests and facilitates class visits. Main Job Responsibilities: 1. Creates innovative and educational Young Minds programs for ages 0-13. 2. Works to support the strengthening of connections with the New Haven Public Schools. 3. Participates in grant writing initiatives to enhance Young Minds programmatic efforts. 4. Provides in-depth readers’ advisory services for Young Minds customers. 5. Possesses a deep knowledge of children's literature and collection development methods. 6. Demonstrated ability to provide exemplary internal and external customer service. 7. Contributes to the management of the library's youth collections. 8. Cooperates as a team member with all library staff in performing any professional or nonprofessional duty essential to the achievement of efficient library operations. 9. Performs additional duties as assigned. 10. Uses extensive knowledge of current trends in library service to children to a high degree. Minimum Qualifications: 1. Master’s of Library Science Degree from an ALA accredited institution of higher learning. 2. Professional experience in working with children. 3. Demonstrated prior leadership and management experience. 4. Knowledge of information technologies and web services. 5. Skilled in outcome measurements and rubrics. 6. Ability to develop training programs and train staff. 7. Easily can establish and maintain system-wide collaborations with community partners. Highly Preferred Qualifications: 1. Persons who speak Spanish or other foreign languages are strongly encouraged to apply. 2. Ability to maintain effective interpersonal relationships with children and caregivers and deal tactfully with the public. 3. Be self-motivated and able to exercise initiative and independent judgment. 4. Understands the principles of project management. 5. Knows how businesses work, especially libraries. 6. Fosters a creative work environment and knows when to put energies behind the ideas of others. Computer and Technology Skills: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Intranet, Internet (, ILS, IFAS. To apply for this position, please go to: Position is listed as Librarian II. Deadline: June 15, 2012.