Wednesday, February 14, 2007

School Library Media Specialist - Consolidated School District of New Britain

School Library Media Specialist - The Consolidated School District of New Britain is currently accepting applications for the position of Media Specialist at Roosevelt Middle School, New Britain, CT. Grade Level: Middle, 6-8. Certification: State Certification as a Media Specialist. Required Skills, Knowledge & Abilities: Provides for a wide variety of learning materials and tasks, which facilitates creativity in reading and enables pupils to learn easily. Provides instruction in locating materials within the Media Center. Assists pupils in developing competency in listening, reviewing and reading skills. Assists students to develop good study habits, to acquire independence in learning and to gain skill in the techniques of inquiry and critical evaluation of information. Provides an atmosphere in the Library/Media Center, which is conductive to learning. Acquires, prepares, organizes and circulates print and non-print materials according to policy adopted by the New Britain Board of Education. Keeps informed of new resource materials. Essential Performance Responsibilities: Assists teachers and students to produce supplementary educational materials. Guides students in their selection and use of educational media in terms of their abilities and interests. Involves students and/or faculty in the selection of materials. Supervises the clerical routines necessary. Keep accurate records of Media Center's holdings. Prepares and administers the Media Center budget. Provides teachers with pertinent information regarding student progress, problems and achievement as observed in the Media Center when such information is requested. Organizes educational media for convenience, availability, and effective use. Schedules the use of the media Center for classes and groups. To learn more about this job opportunity please contact Brenda Lewis-Collins, Roosevelt Middle School Principal, at (860) 612-3334 or Holly Catrino, Staffing Specialist, at (860) 827-2299. Applications are available on-line at: