Wednesday, August 07, 2019

K-8 Library Media Specialist - North Canaan Elementary School

K-8 Library Media Specialist - North Canaan Elementary School. Job Summary: This .5 FTE position involves supporting students and teachers in achieving the national and state standards represented in local curriculum, including the Connecticut Core Standards; providing a full-service 21st century library/media center that incorporates both books and contemporary technological tools; implementing a focus on literacy across the content areas; demonstrating expertise in utilizing technology to support instruction; responding to the needs of all students at a variety of reading levels through the development of individual learning plans; and demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement in the areas of knowledge and professional practice. Candidates must be able to support teachers and students with information literacy and technology. A genuine interest, appreciation and love of elementary and middle school students is essential, as well as having the ability to ignite students' interest in reading and love of learning. Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to deliver content in a project-based environment is also expected. Experience in inquiry-based instruction preferred.
     Qualifications: CT Library Media Specialist Certification
     Working Conditions: North Canaan Elementary School is an elementary school located in rural Northwest Connecticut and is part of the Region One School District.
     Application Procedure: Apply Online at OR JobID: 716.
     Selection Procedure: Interviews will be conducted with a call back possible.
     For more information, please contact Dr. Alicia Roy, principal, at (860) 824-5149 or via email at