Saturday, July 22, 2006

CTlibraryjobs now featuring searchable categories!

As of today, CTlibraryjobs is now offering category search. In the sidebar, click on the links for categories by library type (public, academic, etc.), job type (director, children's, etc.), or job classification (full time or part time). You'll bring up a list of jobs tagged with that designation. CTlibraryjobs was created with and is hosted by Blogger, which does not offer subject categorization. Thanks to John at Freshblog, we were able to develop a workaround using a tagroll. If you are interested in this approach for your own Blogger blog, visit the Freshblog link above.

Please note - I will not be retro-coding the old job listings with tags. I just don't have time. But from now on, you'll have a great new way to search for just the right position. lets you combine tags for advanced searches with just one click, so it's easy to narrow your results. Enjoy - and please feel free to send me your ideas for additional tags!